Velvet Pumpkins


• 1 yd Crushed Panne for each
• Coordinating thread
• Glitter
• Glitter glue to match fabric
• Dowel rods (3 different widths)
• 1 pkg Poly Pellets (makes 2)
• 1 pkg Poly-fil® fiberfill
• Brown spray paint
• Silk autumn leaves (1 per
• 1 roll Naturally Wired
• Wire cutters
• Sewing needles
• Scissors
• Paintbrush
• Saw
• Duck® Tape
• Craft glue
• Hot glue gun & glue sticks


DIRECTIONS: Refer to photo often for placement of materials.
1. Cut the dowels rods in pieces; 12″ for large pumpkins and 11″ for
small pumpkins.
2. Group similar lengths, and 3 different widths, of cut dowel rods
together. Start at the bottom and wrap with Duck® Tape to
approx. 5½”. Cut the unwrapped end on an angle.
3. Spray paint the exposed wrapped dowel rods and allow to dry.
4. Brush glue on painted dowel rods and sprinkle with glitter,
working one side at a time. Let dry.
5. Cut fabric; 32″ circle for large pumpkin and 29″ circle for small
pumpkin. Run a gathering stitch down ¾” from edge. Gather
6. Fill bottom with half of the bag of Poly Pellets. Set the dowel rods
in the center and fill with fiberfill. Pull the gathers tightly around
the dowel rods and secure with several stitches.
7. On each fall leaf, lightly apply glitter glue with a paintbrush.
8. Cut Naturally Wire, 1 per pumpkin, into approx. 14″-18″ pieces.
Coil. Apply glitter glue over the coils and allow to dry.
9. Push leaf and coil into pumpkin next to stem and hot glue in
place. Hot glue inside edge of fabric to secure pumpkin to stem.

SKILL LEVEL 2: Some experience necessary

APPROXIMATE CRAFTING TIME: 2-3 hours per pumpkin

Directions and Photo courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

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