Masks and Mustaches


• 1 Black sequined mask
• 2 Peacock feather stems
• Feathers in a variety of colors
• 2 dowels (cut in halves)
• 1 yd Fun fur
• 1 sheet Suede trim
• Black self-adhesive felt
• 20 gauge Black wire
• Adhesives: Hot glue gun,
Aleene’s® tacky glue, U-Glu
• 1 yd Blue sequins strand
• 1 yd. Stretch aqua sequins
• Glitter ribbons: gold, aqua
• Black chenille stem
• Rhinestone snowflake
• Scissors


1. Mask: Remove elastic. Glue stretchy aqua sequins around edge
of mask. Glue single strand of blue sequins, centered on aqua
sequins. Begin and end at the corner where dowel will be
2. Wrap aqua glitter ribbon around dowel starting at bottom. Secure
ribbon at bottom with glue. When halfway up, hot glue peacock
stems to the dowel. Continue spiraling ribbon and secure at top.
Embellish the mask as desired with feathers. Attach a rhinestone
snowflake near the eye opening.
3. Suede/Felt Mustache: Cut a suede mustache and a felt
mustache. Sandwich the end of the black chenille stem between
them. Bend the stem where desired, and glue the other end of
the chenille stem to a dowel. Follow step 2 to cover the dowel
with ribbon.
4. Fun Fur Mustache: The procedure is the same as the suede/felt
mustache, reversing the position of the dowel. Tip for cutting fun
fur: To avoid cutting off too much fur, keep the tip of scissors close
to the base fabric, avoiding fur.

Directions and Photo courtesy of:  Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

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