Haunted House Napkin Rings


• Beveled napkin rings, set of 4
• Matte shrink plastic
• Black chain
• 1½ yds Black ribbon
• Black permanent markers
• Black acrylic paint & paintbrush
• Gloss spray varnish
• Sandpaper (see Shrink Plastic
• Scissors
• Hole punch
• Brown grocery bag
• Paper & pencil
• Pliers (for opening chain links)
• Oven

1. Sand 2 sheets of shrink plastic following manufacturer’s directions.
Cut sheets in half.
2. Draw 4 haunted houses to fit within the dimensions of each sheet
of shrink plastic; make each different in some way, so they can be
distinguished from the others. Place the sanded shrink plastic over
the drawing and trace with a black permanent marker. Fill in some
areas with solid black.
3. Cut out each house and, using the hole punch several times,
punch a large hole at the top. Note: when the plastic shrinks, the
chain must be able to fit through.
4. Bake houses one at a time, following manufacturer’s directions.
5. Paint napkin rings black. Let dry. Spray with gloss varnish. Let
dry. Spray the markered side of plastic haunted houses as well,
beginning with light mistings of gloss varnish. Once the marker is
sealed, apply a heavier coat for shine.
6. Divide the black chain into 4 equal lengths by opening the links.
Slip the chain through the hole in the haunted house, join the two
ends, and then close the link. Loop a 12″ length of ribbon through
the opening in the napkin ring and tie once. Insert chain loop over
knot and tie again. Trim ribbon ends, insert napkin, and adjust the
position of the haunted house as desired.
SKILL LEVEL 1: No experience necessary

Directions and Photo courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores

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