Halloween Party Balloons


These party balloons are sure to bring smiles to any Halloween party. The best part is, they only take a few minutes to make, and just about everything comes from the dollar store. How fantastic is that? Oh, did we mention that these are easy to make? So easy in fact that the little ones can help you out with everything.

First the parts list:


  • balloons
  • Halloween wire-edged ribbon
  • scissors
  • creepy cloth / cloth spider webs
  • fishing line (not shown)
  • clear tape (not shown)

The first in putting everything together is to blow up your balloons, and set them to the side.

Remove your creepy cloth / cloth spider webs (while we used black, you can use white; and maybe even add some plastic spiders or something), and unroll it. Drape it over a balloon. bunch the excess around the bottom of the balloon.

Then tie a section of the wire-edged ribbon around the excess material to hold it into place. The closer to the base of the balloon you tie the ribbon, the better it will stay in place.

Ready to finish this up? OK, because there is only a few steps left. Figure out where you want to hang your balloon. You will need to cut a piece of fishing line that is roughly twice as long as the height from your hook / nail / whatever that you are going to hang the balloon from to where you want it to “float”. Thread one end through the top of the cloth that is covering the balloon, then simply tie a knot in the fishing line.


If your material pulls up some, just secure the spot that is pulling up with a small piece of clear tape. And there you have it, your own simple, homemade, budget friendly, Halloween party balloons! Pretty simple right? Leave us a comment letting us know what you think. We would also like for you to share pictures of your balloon decorations!


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